DeepSkin’s Recommended Mask Pack

Recommended Mask Pack 01

Power Hydration and Radiance
  • 1. γ-PGA Moisturizing Ingredient

    Absorbs water molecules that weigh 2,000 times more than its own weight
    (Provides a moisturizing effect that is 4-5 times stronger compared to that of hyaluronic acid)
    Improves skin tone with continuous use
  • 2. Contains Complex Substances

    Improves skin barrier with ceramide
    Contains niacinamide that offers a skin brightening function
    Contains portulaca oleracea extract that offers a skin soothing effect
  • 3. Highly-concentrated 100% Pure Cotton Mask

    Excellent adherence and a soft feeling
    Does not contain harmful elements!

Recommended Mask Pack 02
Hicare Ionic Infusion Mask

Intensive Skin Revital Mask
  • 1. Skin Elasticity Improvement with Collagen Essence

    Containing fish-derived hydrolyzed collagen
    Molecular structure similar to skin provides moisture and nutrients to skin and maintains firm skin
    Keeping skin healthy and improving skin tone by preventing evaporation of skin moisture
  • 2. Contains Berry Complex

    Containing 5 types of berry extracts: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and acai berry
    Providing skin soothing, sebum control, skin moisture improvement effects
    Containing anthocyanin for anti aging
  • 3. Highly-concentrated 100% Tencel Cupra Mask

    An eco-friendly material, cupra, provides soft adherence of while tencel adds strength
    Effectively transfer nutrients to the skin with excellent adhesion
    (Providing an essence absorption effect that is 10 times greater than the weight of sheet!)